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Project Overview

Wavs Custom Website

Wavs Custom IEMs are a premium, yet affordable option for musicians, gamers, or avid music listeners looking to get the best possible sound for their dollar. As one of my favorite products on the market right now, I found that Wavs Custom and their website lacked visual design components that could help their user's experience.


Art Direction

Art Direction, Web Design, Visual Design, Prototyping

Mobile First Design

As a company that deals primarily with tech gurus and audiophiles, a mobile first design structure should be a top priority for ease of navigation and clarity of information. One of the most important things to have on your mobile sight is a clear "call to action" that directs them straight to the product. Clear direction can drive sales.


Starting by drawing up wireframes in Figma helps conceptualize space, layout, and prototyping user interactions. I wanted to keep a similar structure to how Wavs Custom website was already laid out while providing them with a better customer interaction through visual hierarchy, white space, and placement.

I then replaced elements and components to build out the final version of the website.

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