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We loved working on this small church website. This church's website was not updated for 10 years! Now they can keep their events organized and collect giving online.

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Project goals

Frewsburg Alliance Church approached our web design agency seeking a new website that would effectively represent their church, mission, and ministries online. They needed a secure and user-friendly platform that would showcase their upcoming events, various ministries, and provide a seamless way to stream live sermons. Additionally, they required distinct features such as registration for events and a donation embed to support their church's fundraising efforts.

A solution with Webflow design and development

To tailor the website to Frewsburg Alliance Church's brand and mission, we collaborated closely with their team to understand their vision and values. The design incorporated their logo, colors, and branding elements cohesively throughout the website. With clear information about events, ministries, and live sermons, the website saw increased user engagement, fostering a sense of community and involvement among its congregation.

Event and ministry showcase

We created dedicated sections for events and ministries, providing detailed information and easy navigation for visitors to explore the church's offerings and get involved in various activities. The event registration system simplified the sign-up process for church activities, leading to higher event participation and attendance.

Secure donation embed

To support the church's fundraising efforts, we embedded a secure and seamless donation feature directly on the website, making it convenient for supporters to contribute to the church's causes. The donation embed feature provided a convenient way for supporters to contribute to the church's initiatives, resulting in increased fundraising and support for their causes.

Improved user experience

The website was built with a responsive design, ensuring an optimal viewing experience on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The website's user-friendly interface and responsive design provided an enjoyable browsing experience across different devices, encouraging repeat visits.

The outcome

Our collaboration with Frewsburg Alliance Church resulted in a secure and feature-rich website that effectively displayed their events, ministries, and live sermons. With tailored features such as event registration and a donation embed, the website catered to the church's specific needs and supported their mission and fundraising endeavors. The website's seamless integration of their brand identity and mission further strengthened their online presence, ultimately helping them engage their congregation and attract new members.

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