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Family Life’s Performing Arts Center thrives on community theater and brings Classical Productions to the stage. Although they normally put on shows like “A Christmas Carol" or "Music Man,” things in 2020 looked a bit different.


Family Life’s Performing Arts team wanted to put together a feature length film that kept a connection with our Performing Arts followers while entering a whole new world in film, which Family Life has never done before.


As Creative Services and Marketing Director, I sat in meetings to help strategize the logistics of filming, lighting, editing, and executing such an enormous feat. Since Family Life has never done something this large before, the Creative Services Department had to figure out all areas that had to be executed to help advertise this project. My responsibilities for this project were:

  • Creative brainstorming on all aspects of lighting, marketing, digital advertisement, design, and videography
  • Color correction for the whole film to create emotion through color and light
  • Lighting advice to ensure that lighting was proper for the setting/mood of the film
  • Logo creation, asset design, and Logo animation
  • Promotional photography for marketing materials
  • Marketing Campaigns to help advertise the feature film

Below is an example of the color correction for the Nero (the rat) scene of the film.
We wanted to help give the film a warmer tone to help develop a sense of location with the hot sun beating down on the sand.


Without showing the final product, below is a teaser for the film that my team put edited, and put together. There are good examples of lighting execution, color grading,  and details even in scenes that look moonlit. This example also includes the logo and logo animation that I created at the end.

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