Family Life Ministries Inc.

Since I came on to the team here at Family Life I have wanted to push the bounds of creativity within the company. First I had to assess what Family Life’s goals were and that was clear by their vision statement: “Impacting lives with the message of hope found in Jesus Christ.” My next objective was to evaluate the HOW. How can we accomplish this through the Creative Services department at Family Life? Understanding Family Life’s needs, I started planning initiatives to help reach the lost with content created by my team. Since the Creative Services department was still new I wanted to create branding guidelines to ensure that the vision of Family Life was put down in writing for future employees. This would allow them to take a look at the guidelines, align with the vision of Family Life, and then create around those parameters. Below are the guidelines that were created.

Using these branding guidelines, I was able to be in charge of a team that helped elevate the design standards of Family Life through simple practices of typography, layout, design style, elements, colors, and so much more. Below are recent examples of designs that I produced with the brand guidelines in mind.


The first photo displays the Old Banner mentioning who Family Life is paired with an Old Banner with announcers on the radio and the Old Family Life Booklet. On the right, it shows Family Life's New Banner mentioning who Family Life is, New Banner with Announcers, and a New Family Life Booklet using the branding guidelines.

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