The Coffee Shop


The mission of this rebrand was to give a professional spin on the original coffee show to allow for a recognizable identity. Originally, the brand only had a word mark that was associated with it’s name. This project is a mock-up of a design that has not been approved by the client yet and has not been put into application yet. All aspects of this project have been thought out by me.


The logo was originally created as coffee beans in the center of a circle. I then started to ask myself what other shapes that I could use instead of just a circle. I have an extreme love for coffee and I almost always grind my beans fresh the day that I make my coffee. Then I got the idea of making it look like it was beans in a grinder. having the swooshes on the outside be more of a grinding motion.

After a few adaptations, I was able to come up with the final logo that had a good solid typography base so each element could stand alone on it’s own. They can also be combined to create the perfect combination for any packaging materials, banners, or even on business cards.

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