Project Overview

Esporta Fitness App Redesign

Analyzing the needs of the user of Esporta's app, immediate action needed to be made. Currently, Esporta's app hosts several problems including hierarchy and the law of similarity. Everything in the app looks so similar that it is so hard to navigate. So naturally it was time for a fresh start.


Art Direction

Art Direction, User Research, Wireframing, Visual Design, Prototyping

Analyzing Problems

After joining Esporta Fitness and after reading several reviews online from members all over the United States, one of the most complained about parts of Esporta is the app, it's functions, and how confusing the app is to navigate.

*Current App Design

Creating Solutions

There were three main problems that I saw with the app that I wanted to solve.

One of the biggest complaints was trying to find the "Membership Card" which is the component to scan into the gym.

I also wanted to incorporate brand colors to make the app feel more cohesive.

In every fitness app there should also be a learning component, so I developed a concept to add a workout routine checklist by category.

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