Project Overview

Cinema4D Components and Projects

Working in Cinema4D, a 3D creative program, I have learned to create assets for websites, physical products, and extraordinary passion projects. Blending together attention to detail and creating objects from nothing, 3D modeling can be such a useful tool for creating realistic renders for your next website. Here is a showcase of some 3D works that I have created.


3D Artist & Creative Director

Creative Direction, Lighting, Material Builder, Graphic Artist

3D Icon Set

One of my favorite projects so far would have to be the work that I have done on my 3D icon set pack. Creating several different icons that fit the same color scheme and that have the same look and feel can sometimes be difficult. I wanted to make sure that these icons were somewhat realistic while also having a playful element to them.

Realistic Renders

Realistic renders can be important for any website that wants to drive users to buy your product. Imagine being able to place or conceptualize your product and place it anywhere you want without lighting it in a studio! Simple renders can create a huge difference by stepping up the quality of your brand.